RN Management Consulting LLC
RN Management Consulting LLC

Licensed CPA & MBA helping you navigate through the tax and accounting maze

Call me on 248 525 2080. 

Email -  nreghu@rn-llc.com 

Fax - 248 498 6146

We can meet face-to-face, on the phone or email.

AICPA & MICPA member. 

I am very good with technology, software and hardware. I can help you with Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Word or Quickbooks.

Verify any CPA's license by going to this website - https://cpaverify.org/ , click on 'Start Search' and enter the last name or firm name, click the checkbox agreeing to the terms and conditions and hit search.


Fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi & Malayalam.

Careful. Competent. Conscientious.